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Wrist Pain at Work?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Woman-wrist-pain_~15557-85dg[1] Most of the patients we treat at Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown San Francisco, spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a computer working with their hands.

This can lead to problems with the neck, arms, or wrist/hands from overuse...and the problems usually build up silently. And...there is nothing worse than having hand pain when you need to work with your hands.

It can be even more challenging to find the right kind of treatment for your wrist or hand pain. Usually, the first place a patient with hand pain goes is to their medical doctor. It' s quite common to walk away with Motrin and wrist splints...and sometimes this works...but often time it does nothing.

Sometimes the bones in the wrist become misaligned, irritating nerves, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Other times the tendons are severely inflamed from overuse. And other times, the bones in the neck are out...putting pressure on the nerves that travel to the hand...predisposing them to pain and dysfunction...or referring pain to the hands.

These are all the things we check for at Executive Express Chiropractic...which is why we are one of the top clinics in San Francisco for nonsurgical solutions for back, neck, and wrist pain.

It' s easy to get the runaround with hand pain...I know...because I see it every day. You are much better off going to a chiropractor that deals with arm and hand pain problems routinely...not all of them do. If we feel we cannot help you we can refer you out for medical attention...but this is rare.

So...if you have been suffering with wrist or hand pain, and it is interfering with your work, find a good chiropractor that specializes in upper extremity conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Go online...ask around or send me an email:

Of course, if you live or work in the SF Bay can visit us at the landmark Embarcadero Center in the San Francisco Financial District. Simply call Executive Express Chiropractic at 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary consultation.  

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