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Workaholics Season 4 Episode 1 "Booger Nights" | Watch FREE Online Stream

Posted Jan 16 2013 2:00pm

Workaholics Season 4 Episode 1 "Booger Nights" | Watch FREE Online Stream

The guys are determined to be the funniest at the office roast.

The guys are determined to be the funniest at the office roast.

Three unmotivated college graduates are about to learn what the real world is all about. From now on they will be forced to follow dress codes, make deadlines and above all wake up before noon. After realizing they are no longer responsible for making the grade in school, they will do whatever it takes to avoid work and have a good time.

Workaholics is a television sitcom that premiered on Comedy Central on April 6, 2011. The series has finished its second season, and it is predominantly written by its stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm who play three recent college graduates, roommates, and co-workers at Telamericorp, a telemarketing company, living in Van Nuys, California. Television veteran Kevin Etten is the series' showrunner. It is a slacker comedy with an ironic title.

One of the funniest shows on TV right now is Comedy Central Workaholics. The show focuses around three roommates who are out of college and working at a telemarketing company. The problem is they don’t want to grow up and be adults. This show is full of one liners, controversial topics, in depth jokes, and some of the craziest plot lines you could ever think of. Some of the topics that the show covers might not sit very well with certain audiences so you might want to look into what the specific episode is about before you sit down and try to enjoy something that won’t sit well with you.

The show is comprised of the three main characters Anders, Blake and Adam who live in the perfect bachelor pad of a house. They like to partake in partying quite often and do a little more than drink an occasional beer. In one episode they are getting a mandatory drug test done at work and had just smoked marijuana the day before. They spend the entire episode trying to find clean urine so they can pass their drug test.

In the end of the episode they sabotage all of the drug tests and get away with it, or so they thought. The episode ends with the announcement that they are going to be testing a hair sample rather than urine. Each episode tends to end with an even bigger problem unfolding than the original episode.

The show hangs at a very dull roar making it a perfect mindless television program. A mindless television program is something that is enjoyable, holds interest but doesn’t require the user to solve puzzles or determine who the killer is or anything like that. It’s a TV show you can watch with friends while relaxing and just get your daily dose of humor that every doctor prescribes. If you can handle taboo topics and love laughing I would definitely say that you should check our Workaholics.

It is a great show to watch when waiting for the new South Park episodes. This show is so funny and I love the characters. I can really relate to the show and the characters and not just because Im lazy. The show is not just mindless people sitting around doing nothing. It is actually a really funny show. This is my new favorite show, I can't wait to see more seasons. The show has a lot of drug use and partying which makes it kind of a college show. The timing in this show's humor is perfect. I will absolutely buy the first season on DVD when it comes out. I have seen many comedies before like comedy movies and comedy shows and I have to say this is one of the better ones. I especially like Blake Anderson the guy with the curly hair. This show makes me feel like I've known the main characters for a long time. I expect to see this show run for as long as That 70's show did. I am always waiting eagerly every Sunday for a new episode to arrive. To sum it up, Workaholics is a great show and deserves much more popularity. i do expect people to start catching onto this show fairly soon. Take my word on it. 
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