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Work a desk job have pain in neck and trapezius muscles including the small rhomboid muscles in my upper back can't find relief?

Posted by infobabe

Hi I've got pain in my trapezius muscle going all the way up to my neck.  The doctor gave me NSAID and muscle relaxants, I got a massage, they only relief I get is to lay down apply heat and cold.  Any suggestions?
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Hi.  I'm a licensed massage therapist located in Manchester, NH.  Read your post with interest.  First of all, there are many muscles in the back deep to the trap as well as trigger points elsewhere that may result in pain throughout this area.  In addition, other soft tissues may be at issue, referring pain to your back and neck.  And, finally, your muscles are innervated and there may be some subluxation in your cervical or thoracic spine causing the pain you speak of.  Without doing some muscle and ligament testing, I'm afraid I can't narrow down how to treat your problem.

If you send me an email (), I may be able, through a series of questions and feedback, to help to some degree.  In the end, your best bet is to go to knowledgeable, experienced therapist.  I suggest someone who specializes in medical, orthopaedic or chiropractic adjunct massage (as I do), neuromuscular therapy or Bowen Technique and not to a general or spa therapist.

Best of luck.

~ Joel Kouyoumjian, LMT

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