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why is the sacral area swollen

Posted by teresakmoore

I was in a work related injury in September of last year. Ever since this accident, I have had pain in the lower lumbar and sacral area, as well as radiculopathy (sp), hip pain to the point that it is hard to lay on the left side as well as at some points I cant even walk without the pain being severe. I also have groin pain. I had a MRI done of my spine in I believe November of last year. They radiology report read that I have a bulged disk as well as Tarlov Cyst. I am extremely tired of all the pain without any answers because the workers comp doctors say that the bulged disk is not a bulged disk but it is the way my disk changes. They physical therapist said at one point that it was something called Sacroilliac Joint Syndrome. All the doctors that I have asked about the Tarlov Cyst says that it doesnt cause any pain. But the research I have been doing on Tarlov Cyst since I have actually set down and read the report from the radiologist says that same symptoms I have been having. I have been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis and it came back normal. I also dont understand how these cysts are asymptomatic considering they are attached to the nerve root area. I am to the point that it causes me great anxiety as well as depression because I cant do a lot of the things that I use to. They have done an EMG wont have the results back from it till next week, although the person who did that said everything looked good. The reason why they had an EMG done is because I didnt have a patella reflex as well as to check to see if I have had any nerve damage from the accident. The neurosurgeon has also requested an Xray as well as MRI on my hip but we have to wait till the workers comp court approve to add the hip area to the injury. Anyways, any advice or knowledge of any of this or the locations of the pain reminds you of symptoms that you may be having it would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

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Any cyst on a nerve root can potentially cause pain.  One of the things to remember is that the cyst was more than likely there before the accident and if you had no pain pre accident but do post accident then it is not likely from the cyst.  Bulging discs can cause pain from a number of causes, one-they are effacing the nerve root or two they are not touching the nerve root and you are experiencing discogenic pain-pain from disc annular ruptures or tears.  Either way the pain would be down the leg if it was from "stenosis" and not down the leg if it was discogenic annular tears causing the pain.  i hope that makes sense. 

SI dysfunction can cause swelling in the SI and low back areas as can scar tissue from old trauma and disc bulges.  I would recommend seeking chiropractic care asap and potentially decompression therapy.  You will need an experienced doctor to look at the MRI, he should have a gentle adjusting method-by hand, and have decompression as an option in the event the adjustments do not work. 

Success rates are the highest with chiropractic and disc problems as well as mechanical low back pain/si pain.

let me know how it goes. and you may have to pay out of pocket for this but trust me, it will be worht it!

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