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why is my right arm numb

Posted by lyn64

In August 2009 I was getting lower back pain and was sent for an X ray. The doctor told me it showed swelling in the soft tissue on both sides in lower back, the bone that joins your legs together, showed some wear & tear.  Blood Test showed low White Cell Count and water sample showed blood in urine. Was given antibiotics.  The pain in my back got worse up till the last 3 weeks it has eased a lot. My left arm showed up some swelling in elbow. For the past 2 months my right arm has been numb from the thumb up to my shoulder. There is a History of oestoporosis in family and the doctor has put it down to that.  I have been looking at medical sites on the internet and I am now worried I might have a bone infection. My Father has latent TB before when he was younger, before I was born.  I have been bringing up a lot of Phlegm especially of a night, the doctor said it was because I smoke (10 a Day), didn,t mention the family history of TB. Not sure whether to might get knocked off the list like someone I know did.

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