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Why is my head tingling (feels like something is moving around in my head) and itches?

Posted by SYT

I have recently been diagnosised with Graves disease. In previous years I had broke C6-C7 (fused) considered to be an incomplete quad. I was fortunate that I did not sever my spinal cord, therefore I am able to lead a somewhat normal life (walking, etc.). I have residual effects from my injury (numb the waste down on left and hyper sensitive on right). I have many neck pains daily. Now my head is tingling (feels like something is moving around in my head) and itches. Are my head issues due to my previous injury or due to my new medication to have been taking about 2 months for Graves disease? One last thing, I also have cronic sinus issues. Appreciate any feedback.
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Thank you for your feedback Dr. Edwards. I am extremely excited to say that I have decided to change my life style to a gluten free diet. I just purchased a number of products from peapod that will arrive tomorrow and I will be going to the grocery store for a number of fruits and vegs.

I do have a question pertaining to peanuts. I have read that it may not be good to eat peanuts if you have graves disease however it is ok for a gluten free diet? Do you know why peanuts specifically may cause an issue.

I am also pleased to say that I made decision yesterday to give up all diet sode (aspartame), coffee and will drink water and tea (caffeine free only). I may have a glass of wine every once in a while, but not until I can get myself in a better state.

I had an MRI of my head and neck (looks good overall), but I believe my accident years ago has presenting a number of problems with my nerves. I now have a new neurologest I am excited to see. I also just made an apt to see an endourologist as I really do not feel my primarty Dr. has the knowledge level to assit me (from a medication and nutritionalist advise/guidance). Unforetuantely I cannot get into the endourologist until the end of January, however I will be sure to discuss the Thyroid supplements you supplied. I will also ask her for a nutritionalist.

I am very encouraged by some changes I am making an hope these will make a difference in my life. Sounds like a tough life change, but I have been feeling miserable for such a long time now and look forward to having a better quality of life.

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to provide me your feedback and guidance. I will keep you up to date on my progress.


Sorry I meant to say a endocrinologist not a endourologist... lossing it.


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