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Why Does Stress Cause Back Pain?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:28pm

Most of you will already know that stress causes back pain, you probably have had a few occurrences of it. But this is a common question I get asked in my practice. It also helps to understand more about why back pain in general occurs.

Hopefully you know by now that back pain is created by both muscle and joint tension. As these become tighter, pain develops. In fact it is the accumulation of tension over time that causes the majority of back pain cases.

It is very rare for people to present themselves after falling down stairs, or being hit by an object. Most people wake up with pain, or do a ‘normal’ everyday activity to find pain arrives, or have down nothing at all and notice they feel stiff and sore.

Back pain has been shown by researchers to be an accumulation of “micro-injuries” over time. Insurance companies say the claims by people have related to injuries, are not severe enough to cause pain. They concluded it was many small injuries over time, not one incident that caused their pain.

What does this have to do with stress?

Stress does the same. It is not one large stress that creates back pain, but the day to day pressures of life. Stress allows muscles to tighten, as they tighten back pain develops. It is natural to tighten your muscles when you are under pressure.

You raise your shoulders, clench your teeth, scrunch your forehead and basically tighten every muscle in your body. The more stress you have or the more time you are under stress, mean the more muscle tightness.

So hopefully you understand that stress causes back pain, not because of the stress but the effects it has on your body. It is the accumulation of minor stresses as much as it is major upheavals.

The one MASSIVE factor I want you to therefore know is this…

Back pain relief is not just a physical process. If you want long lasting back pain relief, you must remove ALL the causes of your pain. Not just the physical, but you need to also learn how to reduce stress. The X-Pain Method teaches you an entire system that only takes a few minutes each day.

You will remove all your back pain, all the causes (physical and stress related) and get long lasting back pain relief.

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