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why do i have sore weak muscles all the time also knotted which causes severe discomfort have tried many drs and no relief 10+ y

Posted by merrybelle

for years i thought it was part of the fibromylgia i have but my massage therapist says no. for instance if i laid on my bed for 10 minutes with my arm in one position then moved it, it would hurt to move those muscles.its like as if  i overexerted my muscles also i always have back pain in my lower right side above and behind my hip which seems muscular not in my back bone, according to xrays and cat scan nothing is pinched and no tumors but there is a bulge on my lower back it is sore and feels like something bulging between 2 bones this is always sore but if i am active it gets much worse having said that i walk a lot to try to keep fit

i have a lot of muscle spasms and knotted muscles between my shoulder blades i am 56 and my bone density is that of a young adult what can it be

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i'm only 34 and i'm sore all the time. It's even worse if we sit around all day. by the time we go to bed my legs ache so bad i can't sleep. i threw a football to my son back in the summer and my arm has been sore ever since. I couldn't move my arm much for the first 2 weeks afterwards. The intensity of the soreness is like i threw the ball over and over for hours when it was only 3 throws. Activity but not too much keeps me feeling best. I'd be interested in hearing what you find out. Drs in this small town i live in dont know so they dont feel its urgent or maybe they think i'm some addict. Who knows. If they knew what it was like to be sore 24/7 maybe they would change their minds......
Hi - it could be myofascial pain which can be treated with acupressure or accupuncture. Both of those treatments can be concentrated to the muscles that are giving you the worst pain. At this time of year Fibromyalgia is bad with the season changes so that wont help. Hope you feel better soon.
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