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Why are my hands and fingers and back hurting?

Posted by imluvinme2

Okay, so my back is really sore and it hurts, like right below my shoulder blade on the side of my back near my arm (the right side). When I lift up my arm, I can feel it like pulling or something (?). And like as I'm typing now, (just moving my fingers) I can feel that spot getting tighter and tighter, and it kind of feels like it's thumping or something (?). Sometimes it might go away for a little bit, but it comes right back. Okay, and on the left side of my back it feels the same way, just not as bad.
What could be the cause of this? I've tried stretching, but it hasn't helped any.
Also, my hands and fingers have been like cramping up lately. Like if all of a sudden if I bend them or something they hurt or feel stiff. Why is that?
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