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Why am I getting muscle spasms in ankles and other symptoms

Posted by evie

For the past two months I have been getting muscle spasm/ cramps in my ankles which run down the front of my feet. I am in a job where I am on my feet all day and the cramps happen in the evening when I am relaxing watching tv. I also have other symptoms which may or may not be connected. I also feel a tightining in my right groin and I also often get sciatica on the same side. I also have pain in my left wrist and not I wake in the morning with a painful little finger on the same hand. On occassions this finger has felt numb. I am left handed though. I am putting it all down to back pain but I am concerned it is something else. I have had whiplash three times in the right side of my neck, I also feel last year on the right side of my bum with quite a crack and still feel this pain at time. Please help. I am fed up with being sore.
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