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wholesale children apparel: Mochildrentum potential and sup2; - let fashion move!

Posted Dec 07 2012 12:43pm

fashion is not static, not model on an overpass walk of the game, not the designer's concept game, more is not rigid meaningless decoration.
on June 16, 2011, MO& Co. In Shanghai pudong exhibition held 2011 annual fashion night, as well as China's first a 3 d fashion film MOCHILDRENTUM&sup 2; The global premiere. Fashion movie MOCHILDRENTUM&sup 2; Is a famous international fashion director Barnaby Roper and MO& Co. Cooperation and making of shooting fashion film, as China's first a 3 d fashion film, film using the full 3 d visual effect, and to MO& Co. 's concept split me with attitude as the core, the two top supermodel LiuWen and QinShu culture) as MOMO and COCO two characters, the fashion show in the division and complete, collision and harmonious dual attitudes of the new face, ready. QinShu culture and LiuWen is the color of camel's hair fans, to MO& respectively; Co. Easy chic shirts and low-key costly PI cao tie-in leather pants, and director Barnaby are also running, felt hat, RayBan glasses and red sox play classic VS funky collision surprise. This is an unprecedented era. Fashion and movie after a long silence together, finally walk to arrive together, a burst of epoch-making great energy and shine. The visual arts twin sister, from mutual background, to each nested. With what differ before be, fashion not only as a movie auxiliary, and the film for fashion to move feeling (motion) and emotional (emotion), beyond the static image position, into a mochildrentum from the screen. In the 3 d movie technology, we more intuitive feel the fashion of disintegration, it and life be in harmony an organic whole, jump out of thin paper plane, become a film's protagonist and performance core. Famous fashion director Barnaby Roper coming from New York to Shanghai carrying out the movie premiere, he is also one of the tide! A series of RayBan glasses and felt hat is absolutely love.Fashion movie MOCHILDRENTUM&sup 2; Is the famous international fashion director Barnaby Roper use full 3 d effect for MO& Co. The shooting fashion film, film through the two characters MOMO by LiuWen, COCO by QinShu culture, in rotary twist and turn, moving, stretch and dynamic, the expression impact and continue, confrontation and fusion, division and complete and collision and harmonious concept, two seemingly very different fashion attitude, and finally form a perfect one. Split Me with Attitude is MOCHILDRENTUM&sup 2; Core, MOMO and COCO moral MO& Co. The style of the incarnation, everyone has different style, attitude, split out full of contradictions duality, but as if each person body a pair of twins born. And MO& Co., design, performance in it. In MO& Co. 2011/12 qiu dong series, from the color, the profile type, fabric have be vividly portrayed the strong collision feeling, these design through the season, subversion simple sense, fun color, the rebel in the formation of new harmonious. Fashion is forward, dynamic, it finally jump out of the plane, are calm to show new mochildrentum. Just arrived at the scene of the LiuWen and QinShu culture two lift, respectively to MO& Co. Black leather motorcycle collision white shirt harlan trousers and big hot green unreal colour Jump suit, show MO& Co. 2011-12 new series; Magic; And, Black; Unique charm. Fashion is not static, not model on an overpass walk of the game, not the designer's concept game, more is not rigid meaningless decoration MO& Co., and fashion short film director Barnaby Ropper cooperation 3 d fashion film, is one of the reasons to impact action, stereo vision, the fashion into dynamic world, to paraphrase the fashion, let fashion in life as you move, my life is full of dynamic part of the glorious. Fashion is not flat, it is self expression, shaping self attitude a routing. So for the fashion fans speaking strong have this than any forms are more powerful, impact strength, do not need words, but full of attitude. Mochildrentum&sup 2; To transcend the plane visual techniques to show fashion, shape profile, with a new shock We see fashion is solid and moving: it feelings surging, attitude float in the sky, dynamic strong, in the LiuWen and QinShu culture posture and movechildrent, with different rhythm, music, sound effect and visual effect, to break out of the plane frame, each picture, all performance fashion in real life every mochildrent of the expression. MO& Co. 2011/2012 qiu dong series in a dream with a color of rational design, let fashion not only live in beautiful films, the shock, or through the complete 3 d visual effect, perfectly reflect the dynamic of; Three-dichildrensional fashion; The potential Flow, smooth and go forwar It is composed by shop 012.07.2012
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