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Who will come, IOS7, iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Posted May 29 2013 7:21am

With the launch of the next-generation iPhone continues approaching, on iPhone5S (may also be named iPhone6) rumors are also more and more. Said foreign media today, iPhone5S of the screens pixels is twice times the iPhone5

According to the source, iPhone5S (or iPhone6) would apply a more narrow borders, are now preparing for production, in September to be on sale. In addition, the product will have 1.5 million the number of pixels on the screen, in contrast to pixels of the iPhone 5 nearly 730,000 number if iPhone5S not continue to increase screen size, and their resolution will be greatly enhanced.

Earlier Japan technology site Macotakara revealed that iPhone 5S will begin production next month, and in September this year to meet everyone, so that the message also has a certain credibility.

According to rumors before the road, the next generation of Apple's flagship iPhone in addition to classic black and white versions, there may be promoting a green and gold version, and is equipped with a fingerprint recognition system, while the main camera picture will be raised to 13 million. If these rumors are true, then, the next-generation iPhone has more progress than people think.

Developers hope the iPhone operating system a new look, against Samsung Galaxy 4S. New displays will have more style in black and white, and its operation is intuitive and simple. Allegedly, this long John Ive from Apple's design efforts and he hoped not only iPhone, but Apple products that use iOS.

Launches iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 rumours at this stage no specific support, but the previously rumored iPhone will attack foreign emerging markets, in particular the mobile phone increasingly prosperous United Arab Emirates (UAE), local phone rates improve, customer must replace the SIM card to use. Besides, more and more people are concerned with the size, if the size is same with iPhone5, so they can use the cute iPhone 5 cases to dress up the new iPhone 5S.


In addition, the telecommunications company Verizon lowered the iPhone price, many industry people guess the next generation iPhone might be the fastest will be introduced this summer, because based on past experience, the old phone when you start to cut prices was news of new cell phones coming soon.

However, this iPhone price cuts and the decline of the previous generations of iPhone pre-IPO is not the same, in accordance with the statement of the International Business Times, iPhone 5, prices are still high, especially retailers stock many Australian market, so that these regions before the next-generation iPhone announcement, may not be markdowns.

However, Apple CEO Cook (Tim Cook) has hinted at, iPhone and iPhone 6 5s will not release until September, he even said publicly that Apple would not push new equipment this year.

Previously we reported has next generation iPhone touch controlled screen pixel may upgrade to 1.5 million of message, and now from abroad media of reported is disclosure said, in touch controlled screen size maintained not variable of situation Xia, future of iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 touch controlled screen of resolution may upgrade to 1704x960 pixel, and Apple is consider in next year launched a paragraph 12.9 inches touch controlled screen of flat computer, tentative name for iPad Maxi.

Resolution upgrade

To foreign science and technology media SlashGear reports, if the next iPhone 5S touch-screen size constant maintenance, exponential growth means that pixel touch screen resolution will have greater improvement. Currently the Apple iPhone 5 number of screen pixels to 727,000, if iPhone pixel to 1.5 million the number of 5S, 1704x960 pixel resolution is required in order to maintain the original aspect ratio, and to provide backward compatibility for applications.

However, from current levels of coverage, seems to be very little on iPhone 5S touch-screen resolution will have multiplied to upgrade, so even though this may become a reality, but perhaps on a future iPhone 6 may occur. Of course, due to the narrow border design, maybe iPhone 5S will have more space to change to touch home key areas.

According to Korea etnews media quoted insiders news that Apple is considering launching a touch screen size to be larger than the current 9.7-inch iPad Tablet products. Allegedly the screen Board or will reach 12.9-inch screen, tentatively iPad Maxi, projected release date is the first half of next year. If the new iPad is coming, we are looking forward to the cheap cute iPad mini cases.


As Apple move of main causes is is iPad size diversified of policy has is confirmed is success of, and from market of angle and market investigation company announced of data see, notebook computer of LCD screen shipments volume is expected to will will reduced, and mobile smart equipment LCD screen of shipments volume is will has more of growth, so first a step occupation market and to other area penetration, apparently more meet Apple of market strategy.

Of course, both the message's authenticity has yet to be confirmed, but including the iPhone and iPad touch screen upgrade is the trend, believe that in the near future we should be able to have bigger screens and higher resolution for Apple iPhone and iPad appears.

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