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Whiplash, Cervical Disc Herniations, and Spinal Decompression

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:33pm

San Francisco Chiropractor and Disc Herniation Doctor Comments:

Md_news_photos_010 Most of the time cervical disc herniations develop gradually over time. But when you are in an auto accident and suffer a whiplash injury, it can happen all at once. In fact, even minor car accidents can cause disc herniations.

I have been helping cervical whiplash patients for 16+ years in downtown San Francisco. Most of the time chiropractic care helps patients return to almost normal.

But sometimes things don't get better...or maybe only a little bit better.

Some of the symptoms of cervical whiplash are neck pain, shoulder pain, arm and hand pain...and headaches. Whiplash can also cause numbness and tingling in the extremities and weakness of grip.

If not treated properly, whiplash can lead to conditions such as degenerative disc disease and stenosis.

If you have ever suffered with whiplash, like I know how bad it can be.

If a whiplash patient fails to respond at Executive Express Chiropractic, we consider sending out for a cervical MRI. Often times there is a disc herniation. Sure, we don't know for sure that the auto accident caused the disc herniation...but we know it didn't help, and the accident probably made it worse if the herniation was already there.

Either way the herniation needs to be treated...and the chiropractic is not now what?

Well, our next step at Executive Express Chiropractic is nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000c.

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