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When you tell the kids that these adidas js mickey mouse sale circles are imagined

Posted Jan 04 2013 3:24am
In  adidas js leopard sale the general case, the only time you can not show him a thing, you can use the symbols to replace that thing, because the symbol will attract the child's attention and make him forget that represent things.I think the structure of the instruments of the armillary sphere is very bad, and the size of each part is very harmonic. Mess circle and draw in the above graphic, to make it look as if a sorcerer's magic book, so kids will feel scared. Earth is too small, the circle is too large, too; some circle, colure, no use; each circle than Earth; the cardboard too thick, so it is hard, people feel that they are really was some round things;

 When you tell the kids that these adidas js mickey mouse sale   circles are imagined, he will not know that he can see what it is, do not understand that they are in the end what is the use.We never put ourselves to try to figure out the psychology of the child, we do not understand their thinking, we take our thoughts as they thought;, because we always go according to their own understanding of educating them, so when we have a series of truth to tell them when to follow in their minds poured many absurd and fallacious.Research knowledge whether the chosen method of analysis or selection of an integrated approach, people argue. Is not only in choosing one of both of them.
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