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When will I start losing weight on the Plant Based Diet ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Most of the patients that start Spinal Decompression therapy (featuring the DRX 9000) at our San Francisco Disk Pain Center, agree that it makes sense to try a Plant Based Diet for 6 weeks along  with the rest of the home care protocol. The double whammy of losing weight and reducing inflammation (the typical American diet promotes inflammation) can be a very powerful combination when it comes to restoring spinal health. The thing is, sometimes it takes a while to kick in. Some of you will notice changes almost overnight. Some of you might even gain a few pounds initially as your body chemistry adapts to this new internal environment. Then, boom, you drop 5-10 lbs out of nowhere. Whatever you do, stick with it, the changes will come. In addition, make sure to supplement your diet with fish oil. We are after the inflammation reducing properties. Specifically, the Omega 3 Fatty Acid Chains. You do NOT want to get  your fish oil by eating the fish. Then you get all the bad stuff that goes along with it (contaminants, animal protein, no fiber, etc). Drink 80-100oz of water per day. This is for cleansing and disc hydration. What will really get things going for you is aerobic exercise. As soon as we feel it is safe, after the first 2 weeks or so, we will OK you to begin some exercise on a stationary bike (no running yet). This way we can get your heart rate up a little and increase your metabolism. At this point it is "All Systems Go". The weight will start shedding until you reach your natural target weight (as long as you stick with the program). Please review  Mary McDougall's Mini McDougall Program for a fast and easy way to get started. In addition, see my personal " Quick Start List" for items in a can, box, or jar, that can be purchased and implemented immediately. Stick with the plan, the rest will follow.

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