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When the jordan 13 for sale object of feeling is very complicated

Posted Mar 14 2013 7:07am
In addition to the universal principles, the other self-evident truths are directly from sensory to. We kind of truth called "the perception of the truth", to express their judgment called "perceptual judgment. But here, you need to very carefully to be able to get the precise nature of the self-evident truth. The actual feeling of the material is neither true nor false. For example, we saw one in a special color is indeed there: This is not a problem of authenticity or false. Indeed this one, and indeed it has a certain shape and a certain degree of gloss, indeed it jordan retro 11 sale around several other colors surrounded. However, this piece of itself, like any other thing in the world of sense, and true things or false things simply do not belong to the same class, therefore, it is true, is not appropriate. Put this way, whether from our senses is what self-evident truth, they must follow different senses derived sense of material.

Perception of truth seems self-evident There are two, although the analysis to the end that they may join together. The first is simply to assert that feel the presence of the material without adding any analysis. We saw a red, we judge said, "so as if he's a red, or, more strictly speaking," there it is "; This is a visual perceptual judgment. When the jordan 13 for sale object of feeling is very complicated, we propose it to be some degree of analysis, generated a second perceptual judgments. Would help if, for example, we saw a circular red, we will judge said, "the piece of red round. This is a perceptual judgment, but it is different in nature and that perceptual judgments. In this judgment, the single feeling material color and has a shape: the color is red, the shape is round.
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