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When should you consider Spinal Decompression for a Herniated Disc?

Posted Mar 12 2011 12:00am

San Francisco Spinal Decompression Doctor Comments:

We have helped hundreds of disc herniation patients return to more normal lives with spinal decompression. We treat both lumbar disc herniations and cervical disc herniations. Most of the patients we initiate spinal decompression programs with have been suffering with chronic back pain or chronic neck pain for years.

And most have tried just about everything under the sun...cortisone injections, pain pills, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, chiropractic, even surgery. 

Spinal decompression seems to always be a last resort...but should it be?  After-all...nonsurgical spinal decompression is safe, gentle, and effective. And disc decompression now has a 5-7 year track record of fabulous outcomes, with minimum adverse reactions.

The primary reason spinal decompression is not considered a "first choice" for herniated disc treatment or bulging discs, is that it is not covered by insurance. And it's not covered by insurance because there are no long term studies (YET) to support the claims of success spinal decompression doctors and patients are reporting worldwide.

There has been favorable preliminary research done on spinal decompression by John Hopkins University, Duke University, and the Mayo Clinic (see Spinal Decompression Special Report )...but no long term studies.

Because of this many medical doctors, physical therapist, and chiropractors, refuse to consider spinal disc decompression as a treatment option for their degenerative disc disease or disc herniation patients.

And, because insurance will not pay for it, many chronic low back pain or neck pain patients try all the covered therapies first...such as chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical care. Only if these back pain treatments fail do they consider paying out of pocket for decompression therapy.

But is this the right approach...why not consider spinal decompression for disc herniations first?

Well...some people are. There is enough information on-line now and enough people have actually done decompression therapy or know someone that has, that they are choosing spinal decompression first...research or not...even if they have to pay out of pocket.

Why?  Because life is short and they want their life back NOW!

Human beings are wired to be able to make decisions for themselves when given enough information.

At our spinal decompression clinic in San Francisco we encourage our decompression patients to tell others and to share their stories so that others may benefit...just like they did (see Spinal Decompression Reviews on our YouTube Channel).

I also answer every single on-line inquiry I receive from patients around the world on spinal decompression...and make appropriate referrals if possible.

Life is not much fun when you are crippled with back pain and sciatica...or neck pain radiating into the arm. Or leg or arm weakness. Heck...the worst case scenario is nonsurgical spinal decompression does not help you. are out some time and money but you are still whole and can pursue other treatment options for your back or neck condition.

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, or facet syndrome, you may be a prime candidate for spinal decompression.

You can wait if you want to and try all the therapies covered by insurance. can find a doctor with a spinal decompression machine and start the process now (if you qualify medically)...the choice is yours.

The machine we use at Executive Express Chiropractic is the DRX9000 and the DRX9000c ...but there are many spinal decompression machines. Just make sure the spinal decompression clinic you choose has lots of experience...there is an art to the process.

If you need help locating a spinal decompression doctor send me an email at .

To schedule an appointment at our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center call 415-392-2225. Ask for a complimentary consultation. 

Spinal decompression reviews

Directions to our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center


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