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When Is Back Pain , Not Back Pain?

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:00am

Just a word to the wise...

If you start with back pain and you do not know what is causing it do go check it out with your doctor first.

Back pain may be just that; back pain. Pain in your lower, mid or upper back. It may have come on suddenly -you did something and your back "went out" or gradually where you have been getting twinges and achiness for some time. Back pain can just creep up on you.

Your back pain may be caused by any number of root causes/conditions including muscle imbalances, a strained back through improper lifting or with weak muscles, herniated or "slipped" disc(which may have its root in muscle imbalances), spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis or many other things.Back pain may also be a symptom of kidney problems or cystitis to name a few. Best to rule out those things which do require immediate medical attention and know what you are dealing with.

For symptoms you must not ignore and must see a doctor about urgently and act upon quickly please see RED FLAGS AND BACK PAIN. You cannot afford not to know these warning signs.

If you do get back pain and you are also experiencing pain in your side, increased urgent urination, pain or burning upon urination you may have cystitis or if it progresses without treatment, kidney problems. You would need to have any symptoms diagnosed properly by a medical professional but you may like to take a look at "Your Inner Cystitis" to learn more about its prevention and ways to cope with it.

If you do have back pain or sciatica then do take a look at;

"Thank you Lose The Back Pain Relief At Last" which is my experiences of a back pain relief system which worked for me when everything else I had tried failed to give relief or gave only temporary relief from back and sciatic pain.

Just make sure you know what you are dealing with before you plan your course of action. Be specific with your doctor when the pain started, how it came on-was it sudden or gradual. Was it linked to any activity? Do you have any other symptoms such as weight loss, bleeding, rash, increased urination, nausea etc. Get as much infomration as you can so that you are in control of your plan of action and treatment options.

Take good care of YOU
jasmine ann
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