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When good backs go bad (part 3)

Posted Feb 22 2007 12:00am
It is also vital when coping with back pain to nurture and protect your spirit and inner core as that will make all the difference in keeping you inspired, motivated and positive. Your mind is very powerful and you can use this to your advantage when coping with back pain. Read inspiring books, listen to motivational CDs, watch great films, enjoy your music, spend time with family and friends, walking on the beach, stroking your dog, meditating…whatever makes you feel happy, healthy, uplifted and content.

We all have stress in our lives, and being in pain can make stress so much worse and so a vicious cycle begins. If stress affects you consider one of the many stress reduction CDs around to help you control the negative stress.

It may be the case with back pain that life seems limited and usual activities are out of bounds. Think about or even better write down what you CAN do and do those things.

Do not dwell on what you cannot do. Be grateful for everything that is good in your life. Focusing on the negative and what you cannot do makes it worse. Focus on the positive and what you can do.

For everyday chores that you find difficult think if there is another way to do them. Consider internet shopping, delegate tasks; swap the usual tasks around the family. Move where items you need regularly are kept so you can be independent in getting them. Do a little then take a break, go easy on yourself. If you can, consider buying in some short term help.

If you have back pain it can also be hard on those who love you. Try to spend a little calm time discussing how you will handle this together and how you can make it easier for yourselves to handle. Communication and understanding is the key here.

YOU are so much more than your “bad back.”
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