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What type of doctor can help stop muscle spasms?

Posted by Deb

Without warning I get a muscle spasm along either side of my spine (randomly) that feels as if it twists, releases for a second and twists again, on and on.  It produces a sick, not sharp, pain. The only relief comes from electrical stimulation and best with ultra sound stimulation.  I carry a portable Tins unit just in case. It feels deep within the muscle. No amount of massage or medication will relieve it.  Most times I don't know what brings it on but I do know that if I get very cold and tighten my back muscles, as soon as I start to warm up and my back relaxes, the spasm hits.  I am getting older and feel I need to find the solution.
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Is this a joke?  I ask a question and I get jibberish? 
Muscle spasms are no fun. But they should be treatable by finding the cause and addressing that. I would suggest checking out and uploading posture photos to the nearest clinic to you. A therapist will be able to evaulate your posture and situation and explain to you what is causing the spasms and how you can eliminate them for good.
Thank you Matt. I'll look into this.  I know I need to find the cause but I've not known who is the best place/doctor to find out.  Thanks Again.
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