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What natural remedies are good for back and neck pain.

Posted by Gardner80

I have a sharp pinching pain in my lower back.

I have a dull pain in my neck. how do I get rid of this pain????

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There are natural remedies out there for both neck and low back pain. Here are some natural remedies for both:

- chiropractic treatment

- massage therapy

- acupuncture

- use an orthopedic neck pillow at night  ; use a positioning wedge under your knees (this helps to take the pressure off of your lower back)- check out

-exercise (first start with gentle neck stretches and low back stretches) check out

-check your workspace: the position of  your computer screen, the height of your hair, the height of your desk- all these things should be ergonomic in nature

-wear comfortable shoes during the day; stop wearing high heeled shoes, and make sure your feet are properly supported.

-stretch your neck and your lower back: traction can help both areas and provide relief of pain (check out the traction pillow:


Hope this Helps

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