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What might be the casue of a rash at the base of my neck, along with sensitive skin on left arm?

Posted by Dabney5

At times I experience some shoulder pain that I have always associated with arthritis.  Friday was one of those times, but unlike prior events, the pain (a dull, headache like pain - not bad, just annoying)  persisted, moving down my arm and by Saturday night I was also experiencing some very sensitive skin on my left shoulder and down my left arm. Condition worsened on Sunday, and a doctor at church indicated it could be a compressed nerve.  Well, Sunday night I startted developing a rash at the base and middle of my neck,.  Any ideas as to whether these are related, and if so, what might be the cause?
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Well, I no longer have to guess.  Returning from lunch Tuesday, itchy and experiening burning sensations from my neck down my left arm, I also found a new patch of rash on my left arm.  A little nervous I made the quick trip to the doctor and discovered that I have Shingles.  After reading your message, I am pretty happy to be suffering fom something as simple as Shingles(or as my youngest daughter calls it - Jingles)!  ;-)

Thanks for your help!

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