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What kind of patient gets the best results with the DRX 9000 Disc Herniation treatment ? Part II

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

San Francisco Disc Pain Center comments: In our previous discussion we identified commonalities amongst patients that seem to respond the best to spinal decompression therapy with the DRX 9000. In summary, the patients that put the most into the treatment, get the most out of the treatment. Patients that are strict about the home care regimen and keeping their appointments seem to do the best. This is no surprise. Just like students that study, do their homework and attend classes, get the best grades. But, aside from this there is a very interesting common trait that I feel is worth mentioning. I have noticed that there are some people that are so ready to get better that they will drive long distances, fly in from across the country, cancel vacations, borrow money, and do just about whatever it takes to get better. This group also is very compliant with home care. They are always here a little early for their appointments, and they are always eager to learn more about what they can do as far as adjusting the " lifestyle knobs" in the right direction. I have other patients that work a block away and they are always missing apts, calling in sick, coming in late, etc. Chances are they are not adhering to the home care instructions either. So, you can imagine the results this group of patients gets. Hey, this treatment is so powerful that most of the time even this group gets better. But, I can tell you this, these actions do not increase the odds of success, they lower them. Our best patients only do things that increase the odds of success. In addition to all of the above, the patients that are willing to work through the ups and downs, also respond the best. This is part of the healing process. Heck, your body is used to being where it is. And here we come along and start to move it around and pull it apart. Yes, you may get sore. Sometimes very sore. We start off very gently, then build up the intensity based on your tolerance, but your body fights back. You must be willing to work through this. The patients that do the best are. Most patients get releif in the beginning. But, sometimes you don't start feeling better until the end of the treatment. That's just the way it is. You have to look for ways to make this work. Not look for reasons it won't work. There is never not a good time to start. There will always be vacations, family concerns, job issues, tight finances, etc. You can either stay where you are or try and break the cycle responsible for where you are by taking massive action. The choice is yours. From my end, I understand that this is the way it is. But, I will still do my best to educate everyone so that the have the best chance of success. 86% is a pretty high success rate, but I would like it to be even higher.

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