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What is the best mattress for back support if you can't use a frame or box spring as well- just the mattress?

Posted by rehofer

I can not fit a bed up the small staircase to my room and can only fit a mattress. What is the best mattress or option for me as far as back support is concerned? I have a back problem currently and so am concerned.
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p.s. - it comes in a box! easy maneuvering! 
We recently purchased a memory foam mattress from Wal-Mart (I know, I know) but I have to tell you, my husband and I both have major back problems and I have Parkinson's disease, and it has been the best mattress. There is no box spring and it it...Great.
Hi - I find the best mattress for my back is a Putnams and go to mattress toppers and look at the ripple mattress topper. Its wonderful and not expensive. I was put on one after a spinal operation in hospital and I have recommended it to lots of people and they agree with me. It looks like an egg shell box and when it arrives its sealed packed in a small package and then comes alive when you open the package. Hope that helps. Sleep well. Barbara
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