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Posted Jun 08 2010 9:22am

Wikipedia definition of Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a condition characterised by chronic and in some cases severe forms of muscle pain.

It basically means muscle pain and inflammation in the body's soft tissues caused by abnormal stress on the muscles.

Its classed as a chronic condition that affects the fascia (connective tissue which covers muscles).

Causes of Myofascial Pain can be an injury to an intervertebral disc (my problem) general fatigue (which I also suffer from) and lack of activity. It was explained to me that the fatigue comes with the chronic pain and the lack of activity with both.

The symptoms are many and include deep aching pain in a muscle, pain that persists or worsens, muscle stiffness, joint stiffness near the affected muscle and an area of tension in your muscle that may feel like a knot or tight spot and may be particularly sensitive to touch. Difficult to sleep at night as you may have trouble finding a comfortable sleep position or wake up when you move onto a trigger point.

Nearly everyone experiences muscle pain from time to time that generally resolves in a couple of days, but people suffering from Myofascial Pain have muscle pain that persists and worsens. It's caused by trigger points and has been linked to many types of pain, including headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, low back pain, pelvic pain and arm and leg pain.

Treatment is Physical Therapy, stretch and spray technique, massage therapy or trigger point injections and pain killers.

Some Doctors believe Myofascail Pain Syndrome may play a role in starting Fibromyalgia.

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