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What is Detox Yoga and How Can it Benefit You?

Posted Jan 10 2011 12:00am
Detox Yoga with Melissa Redd
Melissa Redd and Detox Yoga

 What do you perceive as toxic? Here is a list of what some of my clients wrote:

·         Over consumption of sugar

·         Over consumption of alcohol

·         Rushing

·         Yelling

·         Guilt

·         Stress

·         Laziness

·         Anger

·         Negative thinking

·         Certain relationships

·         Procrastination

·         Lying

·         Abuse


Okay, now you make your list.


So, just as “heavy and dark” as that list you just wrote is,

the practice of yoga can make you feel and act “weightless and light.”

We live in a world of duality and yoga helps us find our center.


The very word yoga means “unity” or “to yoke.”  The purpose of yoga

is to unit ourselves with our highest nature through the practice of yoga disciplines.


Given the increasing pace and conflict present in the modern life with all it’s

resulting stress, yoga is an essential tool for survival as well as for expanding

creativity and joy.


Hatha yoga systematically explains various techniques to increase consciousness.

One of the cleansing techniques is called “Dhouti Kriya.”

This is a cleansing Kriya around the stomach area to aid in digestion and circulation.


Yoga will help you to dissolve your toxins, both mental and physical.

Give yoga a try and notice how good you feel without all those impurities.


-           Melissa Redd, Health Coach


Melissa Redd is a Health Coach in Burlingame, California.

She has a private practice where she offers an exclusive one on one coaching system called “Figure 8.”

Figure 8 is about you having a slender waist line, a new truthful story, and purpose and joy in your life. 

The average client working with Melissa can lose up to 10lbs or 2 inches in 2 months. 

“Figure 8” is not a diet, it’s a 8 week jump-start system to permanent lifestyle change.

  • Are you ready to have a great figure? 
  • Have you tried diet programs before that gave you results, but they didn’t last?
  • Do you want to feel better about yourself?                                                     

    If you are interested, call my office today:  650-346-3315. 

    Personal coaching time-slots are limited.


    Melissa has worked in the health industry for 20 years. She has helped over 3,000 individuals

    lose weight and keep it off.  She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and professional

    sports teams.  Her programs have been featured on numerous media outlets and television over

    the last 10 years.

    Find Melissa Redd at: ,

    Melissa Redd on YouTube

    Melissa Redd on facebook

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