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What is causing my arm pain?

Posted Apr 27 2011 8:11am

A couple of weeks after I spent an entire Sunday in my garden, digging up plants for my clubs garden sale, I developed terrible arm pain,  Being a Chiropractor, my mind is going through all types of things of what could be causing it. Do I have a herniated disc in my neck, pressing on a nerve radiating down my arm? Well, I have complete range of motion in my neck with no pain, my reflexes and strength are intact so I crossed that off the list.

What else could cause my arm pain? Do I have a Thoracic Outlet syndrome? That occurs when the muscles and first rib compress on the group of nerves that exit the neck. There was no circulation problems but I tried to stretch the area out and change my posture but no help.

What about a rotator cuff injury? No shoulder pain, good range of motion, no loss of strength. In fact, when I tried to re-hab my shoulder by going into the gym and doing exercises that I would tell my patients to do, the pain would increase. Not when I was doing the exercise, but later.

Finally, I went to my Chiropractor. He examined the area just like I would have. He poked and prodded and he found a very intense sore trigger point. Boy did he find it. He worked that spot while I cried for my mother. But for 2 days the pain was gone.

Just like I tell my patients, one treatment won’t solve the problem, I am going to have to work on this for a while. But, I know I will get better since I am now treating the right thing.

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