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What Foods Trigger Migraine Headaches?

Posted May 10 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Migraine treatment San Francisco
As a former migraine headache sufferer (this is how I found chiropractic), I know what it's like to wonder which foods are safe and what might trigger a migraine.

 So, I was very interested when I came across this article entitled:          

Links between food, migraines still a mystery for headache researchers

Here is an excerpt:

For most people, red wine, chocolate and assorted cheeses mean a good time.

But a small portion of the 28 million Americans who suffer from migraines would tell you about the throbbing pain, the nausea, and the light and noise sensitivity that follow such indulgences.

Researchers have been examining the connections between food and migraines, trying to identify the trigger that can cause so much distress.

One challenge in finding clear links is that the triggers are not always consistent, with the exception of alcohol and caffeine.

Early research focused on migraines as a vascular disease. A chemical called tyramine, found particularly in aged cheeses and fermented meats, emerged as the likely culprit in the debilitating headaches , because it has an effect on blood vessels.

Check out the rest of the's very informative.

In my case...even though certain foods could trigger a migraine...especially caffeine or red wine...the cause turned out to be pinched nerves in the neck. In fact...after the problem was corrected with chiropractic adjustments I no longer had to worry about a migraine being triggered by food or smell (certain perfumes or chemicals would trigger a migraine also).

I have had many patients experience the same phenomenon...the food and chemical triggers went away with the headaches following chiropractic treatments.

I have also had patients that did not respond to anything...even chiropractic adjustments.

When it comes to migraine headaches, much is still a mystery...including the migraine-food trigger connection.

One thing for sure...trying to find out how to get rid of a migraine headache can be a nightmare...I know first hand. And just like I was amazed when the chiropractor fixed my headaches when the laundry list of medical experts could are many of our headache patients.

So I guess the moral of the story is this...Headaches have many causes...and an often overlooked cause is pinched nerves in the neck.

And sure, certain foods cause headaches...sometimes...and we think we know why.

So should you avoid these foods? I would if they give you a headache.

But if you haven't tried chiropractic for your migraines, you might just give it a shot. Who knows, you may get rid of your headaches and be able to have a glass of nice red wine to celebrate.

Dr. Eben Davis is clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic in San Francisco.

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