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what do you do when you bruise the intercostal muscles Vicodine and flexerall is not working

Posted by prepared2006

I ride my bike to work 5 miles everday and I carry a backpack with my work clothes and supplies on my bike Wednesday around 2 pm just sitting at my desk I had problems taking in deep breathes and I had pain around my ribs on my left side that went to my back.  I went to the doctor and there's nothing broken the Dr prescribed Vicodine and Flexerall for the pain and back spasm's however the medication is not working.  I also went to the Chiropractor and she said my intercostal muscles are bruised she also popped my right shoulder back into place it was dislocated and popped a few other places where there were issues. I was rushed to the ER because the pain is not controllable and they prescriber percocet
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