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what do i do about reccuring neck,back,hip and leg cramps?

Posted by kirawurster

ive bene getting neck cramps that cause severe headaches my neck is always stiff and sore now ive tried tylenol but it doesnt work i dont even have to move to get these cramps, i also get cramps in my lower and middle back, and in my hips and calves ive had these cramps everyday for almost a month now and fear it could be something more serious that im un aware of.
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thank you for the advice i deeply apreciate it i will try it out and see how it goes i have bene drinking a cup of coffee every morning havnt bene drinking much water due to the smell and taste of chlorene to it. but thank you very much, you have helped alot.

Then my friend you will have to address this issue through your diet and your emotional work. Cramping can be a sign of mineral imbalance (magnesium and potassium). Additionally add organic turmeric and ground black pepper to your cooking to reduce inflammation. Stay hydrated by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces each day. This should be a hydrating beverage like fortune delight or water with lemon/lime. Avoid caffeine (especially coffee as it leaches needed minerals). 

Set some quite time aside each day - this is free. Breath slowly and deeply and ask your spirit what message it is trying to convey to you (that you have not been heeding). It is frequent that I or my students have a life change that needs implementing. Ask yourself "what burden do I feel I am bearing and how can I let that go". 

sadly i do not have medical ensurance nore am i able to afford any care just my bad luck i sapose i have gone to chiropracters before but it never seemed to work for me, i fractured my spine a few years back and it has always givin me problems sence and ive done physical therapy for that i dont know if it worked for me or hurt me more lol ive tried the excersises but with no one around to help me i would fall or get stuck in a posistion leaving me a bit uncompfortable,  i may be tough out of lick.
Dear Kirawurster, why not give chiropractic care a try? First you will have to go for a consult and exam. X-rays might be needed as well. They can check your spine for misalignments and also work on the muscular aspect of it as well. Also, they can prescribe neck exercises and back exercises for you.
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