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What could cause an epideral to cause more pain in the heel if you have heel pain to begin with?

Posted by mas_cowgirl

I  stepped off a fishing boat wrong back in August and ended up rehurniating my L5 disc and screwed up something in my foot.  Had surgery on my back and thinking it would take my heel pain away.  I have been to 9 doctors, between back and foot doctors and can't figure out why my pain won't go away in my heel.   I have recently had 3 epiderals.  One during surgery in August and 2 in December only causing my heel pain to get worse.  I have also had many tests run including the fallowing, bone scan, EMG, xray and MRI on my foot and nothing shows up.  Just wondering what would make an epideral cause more pain in my heel to the point I can't even walk on it? 

I am able to walk a little but on my left foot now but have been off and on crutches for the past 4 months.  I am totally unable to stand on the ball of my foot due to loss of nerves in calf in my left foot.

If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!

Mindi Stevens

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