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What Causes Spinal Degeneration? Ask Your San Francisco Chiropractor

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Disc Degeneration San Francisco We have helped thousands of patients with spinal degeneration ( osteoarthritis ) and degenerative disc disease (DDD) since 1992 at our  San Francisco Chiropractic Clinics.

Some of the first words out of a patients mouth right after they take a look at their spinal x-rays as compared to normal are... "How did that happen?"

I remember when I first saw my x-rays 27 years ago...I asked the same' s a great question. There are as many answers to this question as there are here' s mine:

I think spinal degeneration and spinal disc degeneration are the result of two primary causes.

1. The first being abnormal spinal alignment ( vertebral subluxations ) which typically starts when we are very young...even during the birth process. All the spills and falls we take learning to walk, ride a bike, sports, etc. When the spine is out of position the joints and discs wear abnormally...just like a tire when the front end of your car is out of alignment.

2. The second primary cause of spinal degeneration in my opinion is an unhealthy internal context from poor lifestyle choices. This also usually starts when we are very young as our parents dictate what we eat and drink...and everything else we do until we can make our own decisions. Then we have a tendency to continue on with what we were taught...which is usually not so great as evidenced by our health as a nation.

When you consider that almost 70% of the country is overweight and the childhood obesity rate is should be no surprise that spine disease is so prevalent....after-all, extra weight stresses the spinal joints and discs, forcing them to adapt to the extra load which leads to spinal degeneration.  

Abnormal spinal alignment  can happen from poor posture at your workstation, bad mattresses or pillows, sports injuries, car accidents...and as I mentioned above...what about all the spills and falls you took as a kid?  Heck...just about everything we do as a part of modern day living is hard on the spine...which is why chiropractic care is such a great tool. 

I have a 4 year old daughter and I am adjusting her all the time.

Kids respond great to chiropractic do adults. I like to tell patients that while we can' t do a whole lot about the spinal degeneration that has already happened...we can slow it down or freeze it and stop it from getting worse by correcting the "subluxations" and adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

And the thing is..the body thrives when you give it what it was designed to have...plant foods, exercise, rest, and proper spinal alignment. 

This is why Chiropractic is the Worlds Largest Drug-less Healing Profession...because we help you give your body what it needs.

It' s up to you to do the rest, and we can help steer you in the right direction at Executive Express Chiropractic. Our team of San Francisco Chiropractors have extensive backgrounds in sports, fitness, and wellness.

The best resource I know of for plant based nutrition is

And make sure to get plenty of aerobic exercise...the latest research suggest that your heart fitness or  Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF) is the #1 factor in determining your overall mortality.

Dr. Eben Davis is clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic  in downtown San Francisco. To make an appointment call 415-392-2225 or  request an appointment online.  

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