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what causes redness in upper back/itches/looks like circulation problems/press center upper back/turns white,then goes back red

Posted by pat

4I have a red place in center of my back that has traveled somewhat to the right and it itches sometimes. when you press on the red place, it appears the color goes out, then you release your hand and it comes right back. I also had a rash at the base of my hair line, my hair has thinned somewhat, and my neck itches. I do however, wear a C-pap at night and the strap goes around the base of my neck. I have been on this for three years this month and have only started having this problem about six months ago. I have been to two dermotologists and one physician. the first dermo doctor said that I am alergic to my hair spray, the other one said that it was my blood pressure medicine and the medical doctor said that I have rosascea. I don't know what I have, I only know, it bothers me and my face turns red like my blood pressure is up. What is wrong with me?
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