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what causes pinched nerves? and what can i do for pain?

Posted by Joanna Luna

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Spinal nerve root irritation can be caused by a number of factors! It is usually caused by something compressing the nerve as it exits the vertebrae to supply different areas of the body. There are many different causes such as degeneration/osteoarthritis, inflammation, tumour, disc herniation/disc bulge/disc derangement, cancer, muscle tightness... and more. A high quality physical examination or imaging such as radiographs or MRIs would be able to give you more information!


There are many options for pain control as well. Manual therapists such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and acupuncturists can provide safe and effective conservative treatments for your pain that may be helpful. Talk to your health care provider to discuss the best options for you. 

A pinched nerve can be the result of a number of reasons such as carpal tunnel syndrome that may be the result of compression in the median nerve. In simpler terms pinched nerve may be caused due to poor posture, injury, stress from a repetitive job, sports activities or even obesity that may lead to nerve pressure.
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