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What causes Disk Degeneration and Disc Herniations in the first place ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

San Francisco Bay Area Chronic Back Pain Center comments on the etiology of Disk Degeneration and Disk Herniations:

I am going to write briefly today about what my position is on the cause of chronic back pain. Then, I will follow up with postings to explain and educate you in the days ahead.  I am always looking for scientific evidence to support my belief that chronic back pain is the result of physical, chemical, and mental stresses that the body is unable to adapt to, creating fertile soil for chronic inflammation and degeneration. The degeneration (abnormal wear and tear or osteoarthritis) is what weakens the disk and predisposes it to herniation. This causes more inflammation and pain, as the body seeks to protect the area from further injury. In addition, the body will use it's own muscles to protect the area by putting the muscles into spasm, causing more pain and discomfort. Chronic pain causes your body to produce natural pain killers (opiates) which effect your moods and energy levels. In addition, many people take OTC or prescription medications that can have all sorts of (side) effects on your state of mind and overall health.  Some can be very dangerous. These conditions are further aggravated by inflammation producing diets (typical American diet) that are high in animal protein ( learn more here ). Then, pile on poor posture habits, bad ergonomics, shoes with no support, stress from not being able to do the things you enjoy because of the pain, etc., and you have a chronic pain syndrome. But, in my opinion, the solution is not to cut out the injured disk, or fuse the spine together, or take more pills,  or inject cortisone into the area. The solution is to study the cause, and address all of these factors. This is the purpose of this BLOG, to educate you on how to regain health using the principles of " Contextual Healing". I have to run now, but there is more to come, and there is much information on these pages already to help steer you in the direction of health. 

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