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what causes back tingling and numbness in my upper back without pain

Posted by carpenterbarbie

I recently been diagnosed with cultaneous mastocytosis and recently hospitalized for a potassium level of 2.4 for 2days then I got hospitalized 5 days later for a large blood clot in my right arm and now I am being treated with warfarin. I also have had an hpylori stomach infection for 3 years and have been treated 5 times and still can not get rid of it. I also get sharp tiny shooting pains throughout my entire body but seems to be in more dominent areas. I've been to several specialist and can not seem to put a finger on what the causes are. I have several symtoms and I never know when the pains going to start in my hips causes me to fall forward or my hips just completly give out and I'm only 31 years of age and I feel like I'm an old lady I've always been active and now I dont know if I am even capable of working cause my legs turn purple and splotchy and start to itch and go numb from standing up for short periods of time. and when I stand at the sink to do dishes and put my arms infront of me my back starts to tingle and go numb and lately I feel so tired that I pass out and dont wake up for hours even after sleeping through the night. can anyone figure this out. I know what I dont have
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Your cutaneous masto may have become systemic and therefore is affecting your internal organs and bones.  You may want to see a mast cell disease specialist to rule this out.  It's very common for adults with CM to progress to systemic.
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