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What can I do about my shoulder and side of my arm.

Posted by michellelf

 I was having neck, shoulder and pain in my arm for about 2 week. The pain got so bad I went to urgent care. The dr. said I had a muscle fracture. He perscribed steroids, meds for muscle spasms and a low dose pain killer. None of these meds seemed to have worked now another 2 weeks later I am still in pain in my shoulder and mostly in my bicept and tricept. The pain seems to get really intense then release then get intense again and so on, this I know is the spasms. I am redy to go back to urgent care but dont at the moment have medical insurance and its getting expensive. To top it off it is my left arm and unfortunitly I am left handed, it is very hard to rest my arm. The pain is getting so bad going out to eat is a chore and im tired of sitting at home on the heating pad. What can I do? Should I go bak to the Dr. ? I am a cna in dementia and alzheimer care and will be starting a new job soon. I need this to go away. PLEASE HELP!!!
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