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What can be Done for Chronic Low Back Pain?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Chiropractor comments on Chronic Low Back Pain:

Chronic low back pain effects millions of people. In fact, at any given time, up to 30% of the population is experiencing an episode of back pain. Up to 50% of the patients we treat at our San Francisco chiropractic center are for chronic low back pain. When pain last over 6 months it is considered chronic. In fact, most cases of back pain will actually resolve in short order (6-8 weeks) with traditional chiropractic or physical therapy. Some will just resolve on their own, at  least the symptoms will anyway. The danger with letting the back heal on it's own is that the spine may have lost it's normal alignment and is now what we call " subluxated" . If this happens it is possible that you actually feel better now, but are vulnerable to problems down the road. This is why professional athletes (and a lot of normal folks that understand) are typically checked for subluxations on an ongoing basis to make sure they do not manifest into bigger problems down the road such as disc herniations or chronic low back pain. In my 15 years of practice as a chiropractor I have treated hundreds if not thousands of cases of chronic low back pain. Most of them will respond to chiropractic care, but, some will not. Because of this I decided to incorporate nonsurgical spinal decompression into my practice. This technology was designed specifically for tough cases of chronic low back pain. The machines treat disc herniations, disc bulges, and spinal degeneration. We have helped many patients this way. Some have avoided surgery. Some have done the treatment after failed surgery. And some have just reduced or eliminated their chronic low back pain.  So, if you are a San Francisco Bay Area resident with chronic low back pain and would like to find out if nonsurgical spinal decompression is for you, simply fill out our chronic low back pain inquiry form or call 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary consultation. You will be glad you did.   

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