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What can be causing Head neck and pan behind right eye

Posted by liz

I have suffered with migraines for 17 years and have taken mulitiple medications that havent worked.  Over the past 2 weeks i have had a migraine with neck pain and sharp stabbing pains behind my right eye. I have also had vomiting and nausea. i visited my GP who gave me co codamol and beta blockers but nothing is working.  I have also lost 3 and a half stone in 9 month without trying.  I am also taking amatryptaline for other health problems mainly being pelvic pain due to enlarged bowel and HRT due to having hysterectomy 3 years ago please help i feel like hitting my head against the wall.
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I would definitely talk to your doctor again.  It can be the start of migriane headaches.  Migraines usually have some neurologic component (meaning anything related to the nerves and/or nervous system) that gets them started.  Sinuses may also play a role here.

Whatever headache it is, there is typically a cervical component, meaning if we correct neck alignment helps fix things.  Remember the spinal cord, an extension of the brain runs down through the neck sending more and more nerves to all parts of the body.

I would try a devise.  The might be best to start with.

Thank you for your response i will definitely go back to GP. will post more info when i get to know what causing it.
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