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What are common symptoms of thyroid disease ?

Posted by Alyssa317

I just had a baby three months ago, and i literally just noticed the extremely noticible buldge in my throat where my thyroid is located . I don't know what it's from , I'm making a drs appt tomorrow because my husband is extremely worried. I am honestly freaking out inside. I don't want anything to be wrong but when I look in the mirror and tilt my head back or swallow  the lump is so big it makes me want to cry a little. I just want to know what it could possibly be befor a dr tells me so then I'm at least a little prepared. I have done some research but I want some one to directly tell me because all those other stories don't involve the fact that they  just had a baby three months ago. Please give me some straight forward advice . There is no pain regarding this extremely terrifying  matter though.

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