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What alternatives are out there for back and neck pain?

Posted by GodsGirl0702

I am a 41 year old black woman in relatively good health.  I have disc degerative disease and have had a nucleoplasty done on my low back which seems to have made things worse.  I am achy all over, but mostly in my hips and leg area.  I have been on pain meds, anti inflamatory meds, nerve pills ( amitriptalyne) etc, completed aqua therapy, and physical therapy also to no avail.  Are there any other remedies out there for wide spread pain, or is this something I am going to have to suffer through the rest of my life.
This began as an injury to my back while on active duty.  The pain is bareable, but irritating to say the least.  I am afraid to do to many exercises or even strength training for fear of aggrivating my back.
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There is a variety of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs available.  If you need detailed info, let me know.  Also, for another healing alternative -- try Reiki treatments, they are very effective.  If I can be of futher service, please let me know.

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

Your back problems may very well be helped with Chinese medicine.

What many drug companies don’t want you to know is that their drugs do not cure you of what causes low back pain. The way these drugs work is to disable, for a short time, your brain's ability to feel the sensation of pain coming from your back. The pain's still there, you just can't feel it! It's just like sweeping dirt under a rug. Just because you can't see/feel it, doesn't mean it's not there!

If you can't feel any pain, your body has no way to stop you from injuring your back more and more. Pain is your body's way of saying, "don't do that!"

Unfortunately a high percentage of low back surgeries are unnecessary and unsuccessful.

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine play a vital role in the reduction or elimination of back pain by reducing recovery time and preventing a chronic condition from developing.
Research has shown that acupuncture causes the body to produce natural steroids and promote the production of natural endorphins. Steroids decrease inflammation, while endorphins are produced by the body to kill pain.

By reducing acute back pain, acupuncture can also reduce the chances of chronic back pain from occurring. It can help avoid the need for costlier and more invasive surgical procedures. And if back pain can be significantly reduced with acupuncture, it also lowers the need for painkillers or other medications that can either cause unwanted side-effects or prolong a patient's condition.

Give it a try.
In Better Health,
Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.

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