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Weight Lifting Offers Excellent Long Term Health Benefits, Especially For The Elderly

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

San Francisco Herniated Disc Doctor Comments:

We treat many elderly patients at our San Francisco and Marin County Disc Pain Centers. So, I have first hand knowledge and experience working with badly degenerated spinal conditions which have culminated into disc herniations, spinal stenosis, arthritis (DJD), as well as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD).  Studies show that  after age 40, we lose about 1% of our muscle mass per year (Sarcopenia). In addition, as we grow older we tend to become less active. Often times, this is not because we are lazy, it is because it hurts our back to stand/walk for long periods, or in some cases, do any kind of exercise. So, since bones remodel from stress, motion, and exercise (as do muscles),  they say "Life is Motion", it's no wonder our muscles atrophy, and our bones lose density (Osteoporosis) if we are unable to give them what they need. The good news is, there IS something we can do about it. Weight Lifting, yes,  Pumping Iron,  according to studies, is one of the most important activities that we can pursue to stay healthy. In fact, out of all age groups, older adults seem to benefit most from the practice.  I have been training with weights since I was 15 years old. And I plan on doing this the rest of my life. Sure, some of you are in no condition right now to start weight training. But, this is something we can consider once your spine becomes healthier and stronger. We start off real easy, then slowly over time, increase the intensity. I found a great article on the subject I think you should read with some links and resources.   I highly recommend the following free publication: For a free copy of "Exercise- A Guide from the National Institute of Aging," call 800-222-2225. If you have any questions about weightlifting with your condition, direct them to me.   

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