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Upper back pain with hump right below neck

Posted by hunni814

Hello im a 23 year old female, im 5 ft tall and 110 pounds. Since i was about 15  i have suffered with chronic upper back pain, i think due to a hump on my neck area. When i research it, it always comes up with a fatty hump. It looks like pictures of a dowagers hump. I disclosed my weight because I am not at all fat and the hump is boney. The hump its self doesnt hurt but the area between my shoulder blades and down my spine about half way hurts. Recently the pain has been extremely severe and radiates from my spine in the thoracic area of about T7 over to my left side sort of around my ribs and down a bit. I find no relief in lying down and massage seems to make it flare up even worse. If anyone has any answers or can help in any way i would really appreciate it.
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