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Upper Back Pain when I Turn my Neck!

Posted Mar 19 2010 12:00am

The nerves of the lower neck are what mainly control the muscles of the upper back. What muscles are we referring to- your trapezius , rhomboids, shoulder muscles, and neck or upper back paraspinal muscles. The nerves in the lower neck control the muscles of the upper back

The paraspinals run along the spine up and down the length of it. Your rhomboids are basically from your spine to your scapula, otherwise known as your shoulder blade. Shoulder muscles that can often be affected are your deltoids and rotator cuff muscle. The trapezius muscle essentially covers the back of the neck and upper back.

Keep in mind that the spine is all connected and works together . So, for example, turning the neck to a certain degree will also involve rotation of the upper back or thoracic spine.

The good news with this is that if you improve neck alignment it will also help restore upper back alignment.

Not only that, when we do this we take pressure off of nerves … and this in turn helps improve muscle tension and range of motion.
Active Care Chiropractic

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