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Understanding Spine Surgery Methods

Posted Jul 04 2013 11:20am
The  best orthopedic spine surgeons in Los Angeles  often receive inquiries in regards to the graveness of spine surgeries.  Patients are concerned not only with the procedure, but with the recovery as well. Understandably, patients are worried about how long they will need to stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, many patients who are unable to let go of their duties both at home and work, fear seeking spine surgery, because of the interruption they are certain it will cause in their lives.  
Approximately 90 percent of our patients, who had undergone spine surgery, left 2 hours after the procedure. These are people who are able to walk and eat immediately and are finally having little to no pain at all after treatment.
Spine surgery takes roughly an hour. Of course, this depends on how complex the surgery will be. While there are patients who can immediately go home after the surgery, there are those who stay overnight. During these situations, nurses are assigned to them to ensure their comfort during their stay.  
Incisions and “rule of the pinky”
Back and neck surgery incisions may be no bigger than the size of a dime.  The best orthopedic spine surgeons in Los Angeles can perform surgeries under a microscope with a very small incision. This is where we use the rule of the pinky where the pinky finger is inserted in the wound. This is enough to do a procedure with two or three levels.
Decompression and discectomy require two incisions done under the microscope. These procedures allow patients to go home on the same day. This is made possible because these two incisions are minimally disruptive to the muscles of the back.  There is no blood lost and if there is pain, it’s very minimal.
Patients recover from pain medication a day or two after the surgery. Reputable orthopedic spine surgeons in Los Angeles will advise their patients to refrain from any heavy lifting or strenuous activities for a week. However, undergoing such treatment has proven to help them return to their usual activities after a few days. 
Minimally invasive surgery
The incisions made in spine surgery are very small. Therefore, the surgeries are deemed “minimally invasive” as the procedure causes minimal disruption to the body. After surgery, many patients report having no pain. 
Minimally invasive surgery requires no more and no less than what is needed. The objective of the surgery is achieved by taking care of the problem immediately for maximum benefit. 
There are other surgeries which can be done percutaneously (through the skin) with a two or three millimeter incision. After an hour, the patients are allowed to go home. This treatment is similar in nature to epidural injections. For the  best orthopedic spine surgeon Los Angeles, the procedure takes between 20-60 minutes; with multiple level surgery performances and nearly invisible scarring. 
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