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Posted Jun 15 2009 5:38pm 1 Comment
One of the modalities, or treatment methods that I commonly use on my patients is called ultrasound. This is the same ultrasound that you used to find out about your baby, with the difference being that in that case it was used diagnostically, whereas in patient treatment it is used therapeutically. Ultrasound is defined as a [...]
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The use of ultrasound for regional anesthesia is relatively new, however interest in this application is growing rapidly. Ultrasound guided nerve blocks were first described as early as 1978, but it was not until the advent of advanced ultrasound technology in the 1990's that interest in this field grew. Published reports of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia have largely focused on brachial plexus blockade in the interscalene, supraclavicular, infraclavicular and axillary regions. Recent studies examining the efficacy of ultrasound guidance for femoral, sciatic, psoas compartment, celiac plexus and stellate ganglion blocks are promising, while ultrasound visualization of the epidural space can facilitate neuraxial blockade in children, adults and parturients.


The materials on this website describe both the techniques for single shot and continuous nerve blocks of the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus, as well as techniques for neuraxial blockade. Each technique is described in an easy step-by-step manner and is accompanied by a list of selected references. The goal of the materials on this website is to impart a greater understanding of ultrasound imaging for regional anesthesia to anesthesia practitioners and pain management clinicians

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