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UK survey: 20 000 women in life, just try to buy half the clothes

Posted Aug 12 2010 1:34am

UK survey shows that ladies on average lifetime of about 21,000 to try clothes, but let them buy the final, only about half.
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Check 40 per month
British liquor maker Lambrini survey found that about 3,000 ladies, ladies on average every month shopping 4 times will check T-shirt, denims, skirts or shoes, 10 different costumes. In other words, ladies on average 40 pieces of clothing a month trial, one year is 480.
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Female life, strong desire to buy time for 45 years, the average life of a woman to check 21,000 costumes.
British "Daily Mail" quoted Lambrini Hugh Baker, then the company reported: "try all kinds of garments shopping is the most fun part of the time."
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Love regret after shopping
Baker said that for lots of ladies, they can also use this chance to try to recover from those expensive clothing budget.
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Well-known stylist Patrick Swan said: "In the dressing room, only the check including a set of clothing, including shoes, how are you able to see it with the best. In the event you buy a piece of clothing to go home & find nothing can be used with, put this dress from shelved, then bad. "
Perhaps for this reason, although love to try the dress, but ladies will only tried about half of the garments in the bag.
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40% of respondents said that, sometimes, bought a home they will think the garments are not your cup of tea. Judging from the average number of ladies will buy one each shopping clothes never will as "inappropriate" as an excuse drained away one.
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The researchers said 85% of ladies have bought something regret experience.
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