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Two Powerful Villains Battle Heath Ledger VS Bane

Posted Dec 17 2012 9:09am
Batman Begins series of one of the biggest bright spot is that every one of the villain, The Dark Knight the huge success and Heath Ledger 's talent show is related, movie also due to his sudden death and become unable to copy the classic. But only by an actor to the evaluation of a movie is being fair, and before the neurotic enchanting villain, The Dark Knight Rises as Tom Hardy Bane mask is also a very sexy. Should say, the actors are nearly perfect, Bane wise, for the crime of careful arrangement; he is strong, big burly man let in a visual for Batman pinch sweat; he unfeeling and good at propaganda, incitement of the " 99% people " to fight against " 1 percent people ". Tom Hardy is the kind of hand finger has the actor, in rough overbearing appearance sends evil hierarch: aura, even compared with the clown, Bane also charm. Fanatical belief is the era of malaria, every time can bring terrible confusion and turmoil, Bane this role real a shiver all over though not cold not like smiling gorilla like venom masks, but behind the shadow warrior alliance mad paranoid beliefs. However, in most time, Tony Endou is play with yourself, and Batman intellectual confrontation is less and less.
In The Dark Knight, Batman and Joker are two sides of the same coin, two people completed the welcome visitors and see them off exciting plot progression. But Bane is not to be so darling, a person he robbed a stock exchange, a man sent to kill Batman, Catwoman, a man imprisoned in the city's police force, only a wonderful match wits link only in pitch explosion in a scene, then the rest is not required for IQ melee, iron hammer played down or very good, but the lack of audience memory. But the main Batman, most of the time are kept in a complete darkness well repeated his bat cave nightmare, was the main story clue abandoned. This set is no doubt the film back to the sinister mystery the Scarecrow and the shadow warrior master point standard, not only with the lead villain alienation, ending also pen scrawl. As the biggest villain fail to assume responsibility is light, The Dark Knight Rises incomparable The Dark Knight is one of the important reasons.
Bane mask
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