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Two bulging disc in my neck and annular tear in L-5

Posted by rudejude

Can anyone relate to the pain I am in?  I feel so alone and the doctors act as if I am making things up.  One day they are telling me what I have can be a very painful condition for such a young person and then the next day saying that they don't want to increase my pain medicine, even though I have been on the same dose for months.


My lower back has the annular tear and I am having a microdisectomy in a couple days.  I am really nervous but also hopefull that this will help me get back to normal.  I have a one year old and work full time and man has the past year been a tough one. 


As far as the pain in my neck goes I feel like I am going to go crazy.  I have had the pain for a couple years and over the past couple months I started to notice that my hands were going numb when I raised them to talk on the phone or whenever I laid down.  I do not sleep more then 2 hours at a time because the pain that shots up and down my neck is excruciating.  I always have a headache in the back of my head near my neck, that is until I take my 600mg Ibproprehn.  The shoulder pain started about a month ago and only when I was lying down and now it is constant througout the day.  The doc's say I need to go through another round of shots and this time in my neck since the MRI showed two bulging disc.  I take 2 15mg Oxycodone ever 4 hours and it doesn't do much any more.


Doc said I might have something else wrong with my shoulders and hands.  Any ideas?  Any one else have pain from bulging disc?  I am new to this site so please be nice.  I haven't had time to look through all the discussions.

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This site is not posting a date - please tell me if this is recent, and I'll say more. YES I can relate. I have been dealing with this for TWENTY YEARS and I think turning past 40 really did me in. (And no, I can't take it anymore.) Yes my major accident was at age 20 but I had a head injury at age 7 that I think started this whole problem. I have at least 4 bulging discs in my neck, all forimina are narrowed (forimina stenosis, spinal stenosis) ALL my facet joints are shot from the major adjustments the stupid chiropractor kept doing... everything hurts. I did finally let someone break the skin and I went to laser spine institute and they said to ablate ALL the facet joints (they wouldn't even look at which ones were bad or not) and I'm STILL expected to go to work every day? My husband yells at me cause I don't pick up the trash off the floor??? I can't look down! (All discs are bulging out the back.) It won't be long, but there is no comfortable position with the neck - it's not like a bad leg. We have no crutches to use - sitting up hurts, lying down really hurts, there is nothing I can do.

I take pain medicine all the time, and your right, after a while it doesn't work. Try and get valium for bedtime. I even add in benadryl I'm so despirate for sleep. I put up with this when I was younger, but I just can't do it anymore. Let me know if your post is current - MM 


Good luck with things, my kids are now in high school and yelling at me for what I CANT do for them - yeah, like that really helps the pain. Yes, there are also jaw issues, and I've worn a splint for 18 years. 


 OMGosh I think we are experiancing the same thing. Do you ever have jaw pain? Mine strarted with my shoulders hurting and I was admitted to the hospital because I couldn't lift my right arm. They gave me some muscule meds and sent me home after a week. Said they THOUGHT I had some type of Myalgia. Ayear later the pain has spred to my neck and jaw. I can barely turn my head to drive.

I have found that the Oxy meds make your body pain worse after taking them for long periods of time not to mention they are very hard to get off of. Vicodon is very hard on your liver but there is a form that I'm taking now called Norco that doesn't have as much ibprophen in it but more pain med. I go for a cat scan and EMG testing this week to find if it is a type of neuropothy.

I also went to the eye doctor where the asst there was telling about her symptoms that seems similar to ours. Aparently her sister has it also but she was sent to an institute in New York and was diagnosted with something called Arnold Chiari Syndrome. Check that out its pretty interesting and no one around here seems to know anything about it.

Hang in there ....Some docs just dont understand the pain we go through and think because they see so much crap on TV that everyone is an addict. Hope this helps.

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