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Trouble sleeping - insomnia??

Posted Jan 12 2010 1:36pm

I've been having real trouble sleeping recently, much worse than normal over the past week which I am convinced is to do with the fact that I have not been able to do my daily walk. I've suffered with it for years as my nerve pain wakes me up constantly and I cannot remember the last time I had a nights sleep without being woken up. When I saw my pain consultant for my epidural before Christmas I told him my problem and he said I could increase my Amatriptyline to 50mg but I would have a very dry mouth which is one of the many side effects.

I increased it to 30mg and then 40mg it did seem to help over the Christmas period but now it doesn't seem to be helping at all. When you read the side effects - Dizziness, Drowsiness, Dry Mouth, Nausea and Constipation you think you will do anything for a good nights sleep and just deal with the side effects like you deal with your pain. But when you are on a number of other different drugs which also have similar side effects it means some can be very overpowering.

I do all the usual things to help me sleep ie no caffeine after 8pm, I hardly drink alcohol, don't smoke, listen to soothing music and read until I am sleepy but I am still struggling to go to sleep. Its been driving me potty this week so I've had a browse on google and plan to use some lavender oil tonight and buy a meditation tape tomorrow but if anyone else can think of something to help me go off I would be ever so grateful.

I tried an online sleep help site where they first ask you fill in a questionaire and answers profile then they analyise it - a bit of a laugh really. One of the questions was "You have a big day tomorrow. How do you react if your'e still awake after 30 mins, or if you wake up in the night and can't fall asleep again?" My answer from a choice of 4 was "I stay in bed and keep trying" to which they replied "Hmm, who wouldn't do that? Yet studies demonstrated that if you try to fall asleep, you'll take LONGER to fall asleep than if you don't " ????????????? Another one which made me smile was "How do you prepare for the night"? and my answer, which was the only one I could choose that made any sense was "I read or watch TV in bed until I'm drowsy" ( everyone knows you should not watch TV ????) the comment I got was " Definitely not a good idea. Reading in bed is not as detrimental as watching TV (so why put it on your list of options in the first place) but both result in the same thing. Your conditioning yourself to be awake in bed". It wasn't long before I realised there was something for sale on this site!!!!!!!

Tonight I feel so tired I could sleep for a week so I am going to go up later than usual then do my usual routine of taking all my drugs and reading my book until I fall asleep with my relaxation music and a few drops of lavender on my pillow and just hope this time I will. Night, night all.


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